St James Lake is situated within a park of approximately 5 acres on the southern edge of Brackley and is approximately 3 acres in size. It's a man-made water created by Anglian Water authority in 1977 as a balancing lake for the new residential development of Brackley.

The fishing privileges to this water were granted to Brackley & District Angling Club in 1978. The lakes classification is that of a mixed coarse fishery with a healthy stock of bream, roach, tench, perch, chub and pike along with a good carp population with fish in excess of 20lb+.

The lake bed is of uniform depth. The deepest point is around 5ft with an average depth of 4ft and steep margin drop-offs. The main feature is an island lined with willows towards the eastern end of the lake. The lake is very mature and also offers plenty of reeds & overhanging trees to enhance its marginal activity.

There is also a full match programme throughout the season which full members can enter.