After the recent cold snap and some more than welcome rain, it was going to be interesting to see how the lake would fish. The match was pegged just on the ‘road-side’ and with the wind blowing up the lake, would the bream follow this and go to their spawning areas? Well, in short, yes they did.

All top four weights came from the last four pegs, with Calvert’s, James Lewis fished a blinder to win with 21lbs 12ozs of skimmers, the odd bream and his usual obligatory tench on waggler fished worm from peg 19.

In second place, and fishing his first match since last December, was Tony Richardson. Renowned for his prowess with worm he caught from the off on the feeder before the bream moved off and he had to wait till the last hour and a half before they re-appeared and he ended with 15lbs from peg 20.

On peg 17 was James’s dad, Dave who fished a tidy match persevering with the pellet feeder and maggot to earn third place with 14lbs 5ozs.

Calvert weighed 71lbs 5ozs 8drms (10 anglers) to Brackley’s 26lbs 12ozs (4 anglers) which is just shy of 100lbs of fish – not bad at all and an average of 7lbs ish per man.